My One Thing

Getting to the heart of why I want to serve my community through the Carroll County School Board is simple. My approach is to focus on one thing; opening doors and providing opportunity for all students and staff to achieve their highest potential.

What Will It Take?

Trauma-Informed School System

A collective and consistent shift to treating everyone with unconditional dignity and respect will increase community connection and therefore, individual success.

Strengthening Community Ties

By strengthening ties with Carroll County businesses and organizations, we can increase access and opportunity for students

and educators.

Retaining Quality Educators

Our school system is only as good as the educators we employ. A valued, supported and trained staff is critical to ensure a quality school system.

Post-Secondary Independence

Students should graduate with the knowledge, skills and support to enter the world as self-sufficient and independent young adults.




By giving a voice to our students and staff, creating access and equity within our community, and empathizing with one another, we can break through barriers and maintain a quality school system where people feel connected and supported.


Redefining Readiness

Readiness should be defined beyond academic success. As a school system, we have an opportunity to educate the whole child and help foster social emotional development, as well as curiosity and a love for learning.

Current Topics of Discussion:



Honesty is a necessary 

component of teaching

and learning. Educators should

be given the opportunity to

teach the truth.


& Safety

The current health crisis should be treated as that; a crisis. We must listen to state and local health officials and do what is best to prioritize and protect our students, staff and community.


Neutrality & Banned Books

The policies already in place are adequate. Adding additional and unnecessary restrictions will inhibit critical thinking and discussion within the classroom and undermine the trust we give to our educators to be professional stewards of learning.



Our students and staff desperately need empathetic leadership. They need to feel heard, supported and valued, especially during a time that

is so uncertain. 


Every child, regardless of their background and circumstance, deserves equitable access to resources, support and opportunities.